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FRIGO CONFORT EXPORT is a modern; well-equipped factory with high technology.
With such equipments and our know-how we guarantee to our clients the highest quality standards.
To guarantee an efficient cold store we have adapted the European standards taking into accounts the following items:

  • Protection of the environment.
  • Persevering the quality of the products
  • Security and functioning.

To achieve this goal we provide a cold store installation by using glycol water as a coolant that helps to better control the temperature and humidity in the rooms as well as air diffusion according to the preserving criterion of each product.

This installation is composed of :

  • A central production of glycol water
  • A distribution system glycol water towards the chambers
  • An autonomous control system of temperature and the glycol water temperature in the chambers.
  • A dehumidification air system
  • A supervision system and centralized management.
  • Thanks to its product, Frig Confort export guarantees a high quality production.