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Frigo Confort Exporttesrt

The expert in the packaging of dates

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Definition and description

The name is thought to come from the Greek word for “finger”.
Dates are the fruit of the date palms which require a hot dry climate. That’s why they need to be well soaked with water.
Dates are a seasonal product; its consumption is known to be by the end of the year.
The dates-eating habits are highly linked to the Arab-Muslim countries.

Significance of dates fruit: Dates are balanced fruit; they are rich in iron, high in fiber and contain vitamins, minerals and carbohydrate. That’s why nutritionists recommend it for children as well as sportsmen. The dates palm provides energetic fruit that may be used in more than 130 cases

  • Based on dates we can produce honey-alcohol and date vinegar.
  • Dates wood is precious in areas where there are a few trees.
  • Date’s leaves are used in wickerwork.
  • The date palm is highly praised as an ornamental tree.

Profile : FRIGO CONFORT EXPORT was established in 2007 in El Amra Sfax. It is specialized in the dates packaging and exportation ” Deglett Ennour” and that according to the international standards. Adapts modern and hygienic equipments, it provides its customers from all over the world with a high quality product, “Deglett Ennour” which has an international reputation. It is the most appreciated for its taste, richness in vitamins. It is packed in a simple and appealing manner. Its marketing efficiency has been approved by English and French customers. FRIGO CONFORT EXPORT guarantees to provide high quality product:

  • Shining light and golden transparent colour
  • A well-lined branch
  • Honeyed taste
  • Honeyed taste
  • Big, fresh and clean dates